Wednesday, November 6, 2013

News about the Writing, rewriting and Wips.

I have been working as hard as I can work with 4 kids. One being 10 months old now. By the way he is doing lovely. Already walking, yeah he's pretty impressive. He also enjoys banging on my keyboard as I try to rewrite, pulling out my power cord and doing all he can to get my attention. So if anyone is wondering why I am so slow moving with my books lately that just might be the reason.

I have a big challenge I am currently conquering. I have promised myself (and my husband) that I will get The Wingless Series back up and running. You see, a long long time ago I wrote 6 books in like a year. And well they were not up to par. Back then my old self thought "Oh these are just great!" Well now that years have gone by and I know more now I know I need to revamp them. So as of right now I have completed and re-published book 1 and book 2. Book 1 went from Wingless to Wingless: Misery's Company. And book 2 went from Polar to Impact. I like the new titles much better.
Part of the change has been the steam factor. Evan and Eve are now getting it on in more detailed ways for the reader. And I do enjoy the adult theme way more and I think it adds a lot to the story.
I noticed through the years some parts of the series that need to be adjusted or explained better and I have begun tackling these issues as well. So for anyone who has read and ever asked me questions about certain parts of the book, those question just might have been answered finally. Also the covers are all being redone.
I am now onto book 3 and slowly rewriting, after that process goes the editing process and then the book is sent to my very amazing group of beta readers.
I do believe that book 3, which is called Sacrifice, will be out December if I keep working hard.

Onto other areas of writing. My WIPS (works in progress) after I have tackled the Wingless rewrite I hope to focus on Ink 4. That's not say I won't be doing a little outlining and a small amount of writing towards completion of the next in the series, but the overall goal is to hold off on anything new until the old is tackled.

I am dying to share Boonville with everyone. I also have another story idea I want to get into. I can give a little insight into my next task.

My goals:
Ink 4
Love hurts, Book 2 or BoonVille
Heart of Gypsies
Perfectly Hopeless 2
Breaking Free
Road to Ruins

I have a few other stories that are just waiting to be finished but they aren't top priorities and possibly may never see the light of day. When I look at the list it makes me feel a bit overwhelmed. But I also can't wait to dive in.

That's about all I can say for now. If there is anything you think I haven't covered feel free to ask.

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