Sunday, November 17, 2013

A little Sunday Tease.

An undedit peek into a new project I am working on. Enjoy!

“Do you have a curfew?” Hart asked her, referring to her phone.
They held each other’s gaze. She always wanted to win with him. Because he was playful and when he spoke to her it was as if he enjoyed it.
“Maybe not a curfew but a boyfriend,” she informed him. As if he didn’t already know that little insight.
Hart fought back the smirk but failed. It was a telling kind.
“You’re awful,” she told him. She shook her head at him and took another bite of ice cream. “I’m beginning to believe you’re a trouble maker.”
Hart feigned innocence. “I just don’t know what you see in him.”
“And rude, you’re really rude,” she pointed her spoon at him, scolding him playfully. “I’ll have you know I have known him since elementary school.” As if that made it any better.
“Is that a good thing?” Hart surveyed his hand for ice cream or caramel. He balled his napkin and toyed with the paper between his fingers.
“It’s comfortable. It’s something I’ve always known,” she pushed away the dessert. Admitting such a thing seemed pitiful.
“What about you?” She said recovering. She hated when she started to doubt herself because it pushed her back into sadness. “Have you ever been in love?”
Hart’s fingers stopped toying with the napkin. He raised an eyebrow, the idea she was asking him about love was a bit out of the norm for her. “It’s just a feeling like everything else.”
Elle’s phone vibrated. She hit ignore and leaned in. “Of course it’s a feeling. One of the best ones they say.” Than how come she had never felt it she wondered.
Yes she loved Pauly, but it wasn’t that heart stopping love like in the movies. But like many girls she knew and grew up with it didn’t matter. They all were destined to go down the same road as their parent’s. They were going to marry the first boy from high school they felt feelings for. The boy that grew up in the same town, it was all anyone around her ever did. And it made sense, it was safe. It kept things easy and simple.
“I have to disagree.” Hart shook his head. “The best feelings are moments. That moment when you see that girl, you know you’re dying to kiss her, when you’re so fixated on her mouth, that you just want to grab her, to feel it against yours.”
Elle swallowed. Her heart thudded in her chest reminding her just how uncomfortable she had become sitting there with Hart. She didn’t know what to say.
“The first time you touch her it’s better than love,” he leaned back in the booth. “Sorry, you asked. I was just being honest.”

“Maybe it’s so great because that’s what love is. Intense feelings.” She looked away feeling a bit bashful. “Maybe there’s only one person that makes you feel that way when you touch them because you’re in love with them. Maybe that’s how you know you’re in love.”
She wasn’t sure if Hart believed her theory.
“If love was so real people wouldn’t treat each other the way that they do,” he told her. His attention left her as soon as the diner door opened and the bell sounded. 

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