Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Just a thought.

 I don't like to complain or talk about drama.

I'll be honest I'm sad. I have been for weeks now. I make it through the day, I still have so much to be happy about but I am also very sad. I wonder if it will ever change.

I miss her. I miss so much about her. And every day I find myself searching for signs that she is around. I feel like I see them everywhere and to me it feels silly yet so amazing. I feel this connection, I feel her.

Loss is a hard pill to swallow that's for sure. Even harder when the loss is someone who was so beautiful inside and out. I miss talking to her. I miss hearing her voice. I miss everything.

I worry about everyone around me and how they are doing. I don't know what to say or how to maybe even for a moment put a smile on their faces. I'm not good with this stuff.

I'm stronger, I think we all are in ways. And now all I want is to make her happy and be strong just like she always was.

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