Friday, April 12, 2013

Ink bonus scene: Slade meets Hope.

Hey guys! here's a Ink bonus scene from Slade's POV. We all know what Hope thought the first time she met Slade. Well, here is what he thought when he met Hope.

I walked the grounds of Henry Park. My gig was over and I was trying to pass the time, you never could sleep in a park filled with rock music and a bunch of guys who think their badasses.
I wasn't to surprised to see another Cherry resident trying to make her way into Henry Park. They all wanted to live on the edge. Only difference with most they were to afraid to give it a shot. She was different. I could see it.
It was hard to hold back the smirk as I watched her try to survive among the darkside. And pink, come on. Who wore pink to a metal concert?
I slung the bat over my shoulder and watched. I knew in a few more minutes she would be stuck to the bottom of a steel toed boot. I probably wouldn't have cared any other time, but she was hot. Not like any other girl around Cherry.

Something different and I wanted to save her. I wanted her to look into my eyes and thank me for saving her miserable life.
So I started swinging, it didn't take much to get things moving. They all know who I am, nobody puts up much of a fuss when it comes to the Evil Kings of Ink.
I warned myself girls in pink were trouble for me. I was going to end up kicking my own ass for rescuing her I knew it. But she was lucky, for once I was in a good mood. I was willing to be her savior.

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