Friday, April 20, 2012

A disgruntled bunch of characters.

Well today is Friday. And I think its been long enough. Things need to be said. Things need to be dealt with. My characters are running a muck in my mind and now one of them wants to take over my blog for the day. So, if you understand what's going on here enjoy the ride. If not, don't worry I'm not crazy. I'm just a writer.

*pulls up a chair and a tablet, dons the white coat, thanks the heavens he doesn't know she's there* This really looks like some kind of Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

"I don't feel we got the justice we deserved. Yeah, sure I know we were her first creation. Her first attempt at storytelling. And I must say, I think I was her best character. But did she really have to pair me up with such a whiny chick? Eve? Really? I had to stoop that low and have a fling with my brother's needy,sometimes mental girlfriend?"

It seems Kenny has a lot of issues with my ways back when I was starting out. He doesn't seem to understand that it was my first run. I think he should appreciate being the first. *Glares at the back of Kenny's head as he keeps talking crap*

"I think I deserve my own book. I want a fair shot at this ridiculous thing called love. She's always writing about love in all these books. I'd love a shot at screwing up Hope's life over in Ink land. I would kick Slade's ass. Oh look at me, I'm dark and brooding and sing rock music. Look at me I'm Kenny Carlo I kill people for a living, I'd win that battle every time."

I'm sensing some jealousy issues. He has a point. But I am not so sure Kenny could survive in a world outside of Wingless. Or rather I am not sure anyone else could survive in their world with Kenny in it.

"I got the shittiest  ending of any of her characters. Forced to love someone she knew I was never meant for. Such a bad rap I probably scare serial killers and than she just up and ends the series. I say we riot and demand another book!"

*shuts the door* I think that about sums it up for today folks.  If we learned anything it would be, don't piss off your characters. They all deserve respect even if some are a little more rough around the edges than others.

Have a happy Friday! And if you never read Wingless (where my writing began) check it out.

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