Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Trayvon Martin

I usually do not jump into big news stories like this. But this has disturbed me. On my Facebook someone posted a youtube 911 call about this boy. And it was heartbreaking. If anyone is sensitive to this kind of stuff then don't click on the link, but if you want to get a glimpse at what kind of senseless things happen in the world then do so.

He was a kid, someone's son. And from what I understand a man shot him because he was walking in a neighborhood. They said he had no weapons, just skittles and a drink. And that the man called and reported him to the police. Here is one of the articles.

The part that breaks my heart is the fact you can hear this boy on the 911 call screaming "No" and "Help" time and time again. The woman on the phone its obvious is scared to death to do anything more then call 911 to help him. But sadly that was to late and he was shot and killed.
I can't imagine, I can't even form words to get my point across of how horrible it is.

I guess what I just want to say is my prayers are with Trayvon Martin's family because nobody deserves to lose a loved one. Especially if they have done nothing wrong and for something so senseless.

This man who shot him could have allowed the police to do their job and this kid would still be alive. And now a mother and family is without him.

I don't know why this Zimmerman felt it right to shoot a kid, they say he said self defense, but listening to that 911 call I think that is just a lie and seeing this is my blog I will just say I think Zimmerman is a monster. And anyone who doesn't agree with me, that's okay. Maybe you should listen to this 911 call and try to make another excuse on why this kid deserved to be shot. Or maybe you should put yourself in the shoes of the family and victim. Because all I feel right now is sadness.

Its obvious I did not say one thing about race here. And that's simple, I wouldn't care more or less because of the color of this kids skin. I care because he was a kid, a person, a human. And the other person was wrong for doing what he did.

Ellen Degeneres always tells us to be kind to one another, but it doesn't seem many people in the world are doing such a simple thing.

And lastly if you want to make a change. You can go to Change.org and sign the petition to help this family. And get some justice for Trayvon Martin.

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