Friday, March 16, 2012

We all should marry a vampire.

Why are we drawn to the dark side? Why do we love books so much?

How many of us in real life would want our boyfriend slipping through our window in the middle of the night like Edward Cullen? How many of us wish we were Bella Swan or Elena Gilbert?

How many girls would really like to know that their boyfriend is running around feasting on the blood of humans? Or that they would prefer to rip us limb to limb then love us.

Why is Eric Northman such a hot commodity in True Blood that he makes you want to lose all sense of reality and throw caution to the wind?

Being a writer of paranormal romance and young adult books I get it. I also read both genre 99% of the time.

I am afraid of the unknown in my real life, but to read about it, well, it’s almost soothing and exciting.

There’s Edward Cullen, Damon Salvatore, Bill Compton, and those are just the angry brooding vampires. But be it through reading the stories or watching the TV shows and movies you can’t help falling in love.

I mean admit it; would we even care if they were sweet and nice and doing all the right things? No.

With so much going on in the lives of woman my age it’s easy to lose yourself in a good story about the paranormal. About vampires or fallen angels and for me it’s because it’s my internal vacation from so many things in the world that just suck some times.

Reading a story where I can run away from all my worries and have a thrill, grow a crush and when I close the book or shut off my kindle everything in my own world is still intact and right where I left it, that is comforting.

Maybe some of us don’t think we will ever have anything exciting to talk about or live through. Some of us might even be too afraid to admit we want that. Whatever the reason may be we deserve to have enjoyment on the day to day.

Fictional characters are that cupcake we can’t eat because we are watching our calories. They are that wild night on the town where we danced until our feet blistered—only we never did because secretly we are too shy to do so. They say and speak the words we only wished we were brave enough to speak ourselves.

It might be fiction, but there is a lot about reading a good book with a dark character that speaks the truth.

In books unlike real life the kid that gets bullied could be the coolest kid out there. You see that people know how to be kind to one another; you see that people know how to have fun; you see that not everything is as bad as we think in books.

What could be better than that?

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