Monday, April 7, 2014

Sneak peeks from Ink 4!

Hey hey! Today I want to share some of Ink 4: Grim Encounters. Be kind, it's raw and unedited.

Five houses down

The grit of the sand between my toes told me exactly where I was even if I couldn’t see a thing because Slade’s hands were over my eyes.
When he said surprise he really meant it. And I was dying to know what it was. I had never seen him so enthused about anything before.
“Can I look?” I asked again letting him steer me over the sand. I held on to his shirt afraid I was going to fall. I could hear the sea doos behind us and planes flying overhead.
“A few more feet,” he said.
“What is this?”
“It’s a secret, and you’re starting to ruin it. Just shut up and go with it or I’ll never do this again,” he said laughing at me.
I shut my mouth . He was even sexier when he was ordering me around. The sand was beginning to burn a hole in my feet so I hoped he would hurry.
“Okay,” he said. “Take a look.”
I blinked a few times my eyes settling on a beach house. It wasn’t the best, it was in bad shape like ours when we first moved to Cherry. I looked at Slade. He moved in, throwing an arm around me. “What do you think?”
“I think I can see my house from here,” I said looking at my own house. “What is this?”
He led me by the hand to the gate, the yard was overrun with weeds and debris. “This is my new place.”
I raised an eyebrow. “You’re joking.”
Slade shook his head letting me go in first. “I kid you not. I signed the papers today. No more Rv. No more Henry Park.”
I could see it in his eyes the last part bothered him. “There’s always Henry Park.” I wrapped my arms around him. “And this is great.”
He kissed my forehead taking it in with me. “It’s a piece of shit. But Kidd and Oz promised they would help me fix it up. And Henry Park is being shut down.”
“What?” I pulled away to get a good look at him to make sure he wasn’t pulling my leg. “How could that even be possible?”
He shrugged. “Thank the church for that one.”
My heart ached for him and his dreams. He loved singing there. Henry Park was just as much a part of Slade as his tattoos and bad boy attitude.
“No worries. We have a few ideas to keep on singing,” he told me. He worked the lock carefully with his key while I stayed very still so I didn’t plunge through the porch. The place was a mess.
After a few shoves to the door with his shoulder we were inside staring at old furniture and outdated kitchen appliances.
“This has a lot of potential,” I said with a smile. “I really mean it.”
Slade smirked. “You and I have a lot of potential.”
Talk about weak in the knees. I did my best to hide what I really wanted to do at that moment and settled for kissing him on the lips. Even now he still made me feel like a groupie.
I didn’t know what to say so I settled on enjoying the moment.
“I can help,” I said, twirling around to face him. He was blowing dust off of one of the lamps the previous owners left behind.
“Are you good at pulling weeds?” Slade asked his brows knitted together as he looked at me.
“I’m from Georgia, of course I am.”
“I knew there was a reason I saved you that night instead of letting the crowd trample you,” he said grinning.
I rolled my eyes.
We spent the next hour washing down walls and sweeping the floors. Slade removed every dust cover and old curtain. He fixed the only ceiling fan in his house and swept out the windows before opening them to let some fresh air into the place.
“Looks better already,” he said pulling his shirt over his head. He was sweaty and a bit filthy but still hot.
I agreed giving him a peck on the lips. I brushed some hair from my eyes and dropped the sponge in the bucket of dirty water. “I’m hot.”
He nodded. “You are. But be careful throwing that around all the time someone might think you’re conceited.” He walked across the room and took my hands in his. “I might have another surprise.”
I searched his eyes. “What now?”
“Lift up your shirt,” he said.
I laughed staring down at my black bathing suit top. Before I could check out my bottoms he slid a hand along the waist of my shorts and worked them down. They were black too.
“I like it,” I said.
“Remember the first time we got in the water together?” His arms wrapped around me. I had literally a million butterflies swarming my stomach all at once.
“Yes I do,” I said, stroking his arm. I touched his face. “That was the first time we were together. And you were incredible.”
“You weren’t so bad yourself,” he said making my heart skip a few beats. God, he still knew how to make me feel like the best thing in the entire world just by looking at me.
I dusted off my hands on the seat of my shorts. “I have to run home. But I will be back.” I lifted my mouth to his and we kissed. His hand found my waist just like they always did and he backed me up until we were pressed against the wall.
I wasn’t fighting any of it because I would rather be doing what we were doing than taking my dog for a walk at that moment. I turned pushing him against the wall. The space got me excited at all the possibilities, we weren’t in the small Rv anymore.
Slade let me push him up against the wall. I unbuckled his belt and tore his pants down. “I want you.” I kissed him hard, taking my time to enjoy the feel of his mouth against mine.
His hands moved down to my ass, and I kissed him harder when his fingers grabbed a hold of me pulling me into him. I loved the familiar feel of him against me.
We moved against each other until I couldn’t take it anymore. I started pulling my shirt over my head and Slade stopped me. “You said you were going home.”
I looked at him breathless. “Are you kidding?”
He shook his head. “We have all the time in the world. Go home, we can finish this later.” He yanked me back to him when I tried backing away. “Fuck. What the hell am I saying? I want inside you right now. Fuck time, fuck the world, I just want to get you out of that swimsuit.”
I squealed when he lifted me up, pulling away long enough to ask him something I had been wanting to know. “Were you wanting to go for a swim?” Slade shook his head pulling the strings to my bikini top.
“Not anymore,” he said.

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