Thursday, November 21, 2013

I'm a big tease!

Ink 4 is going smoothly and I forsee it coming soon if I keep up my momentum. I can't precisely what date yet but a lot sooner than I envisioned. So, I know a lot of you are anxiously waiting. I offer you a few teases into book 4. (raw and unedited**) Enjoy!

Someone wraps on the door. I cover the phone before I lash out. “Can’t a girl have a few minutes alone?”

“You’ve had your minutes. Now get the fuck out here,” Kenny says.
I roll my eyes and unlock the door. “I have to go. The psycho has summoned me.”
Karsen sighs. “Tell him Cherry still hates him and that if he does anything to my friend I will be sure my boyfriend despines him.”

Kenny rolls his eyes. “Tell blondie she wishes her boyfriend had the balls to even consider it.”
I don’t humor him, instead I just hit end on my phone and plop down on his sleazy leather sectional next to Slade.
“This place is disgusting,” I point out looking around at all the take out boxes and empty beer cans. He sure lived the bachelor lifestyle.

“That’s one of the perks of living alone,” he says. “I can do whatever the fuck I want.”

And another!

I am beginning to hate this bar.
But watching the pretty blonde go about her business cleaning and serving customers puts me back into my right mind. It reminds me why I am here.
Slade’s finger circles the mouth of his beer as he studies her. “What do you think it takes to have the ability to bring back the dead?” he asks. “Do you think she’s a witch?”
I drop my chin to my palm. “I don’t even know. I don’t even know what the deal is with Kenny. Who can kill people just by touching them?”

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  1. Just finish reading the series in 2 days.. I really need the 4th one or i might just die! ( Ok maybe not die but i really want to read more!!!)