Sunday, June 2, 2013

Is it real?-- Book boyfriends

So, recently I have been thinking about books, and about what makes me want to read them. I admit I am a huge book snob. I can only read a book if it has one of three things.

1. A bizarre, shocking, romantic or quick paced story line.
2. A steamy relationship with a ton of dysfunction.
3. Not a ton of details and humor.

And then I ask myself what do these three things have in common? And that's when I come up with the idea that it is the characters.

So now, I say, do we believe in book boyfriends? Is there someone in a story that just makes you swoon? I think we all have this. I read Becca Fitzpatrick's work and just loved Patch. I found myself smiling like a little schoolgirl, totally smitten.

I think the problem with book boyfriends, we as the reader develop a violent connection and we have these emotions that explode at the drop of a dime. We get extra sensitive about the circumstances in the stories, we feel, we cry, we freakin love them.

I think that is the fun of reading any book. You want to read about this creation and enjoy them so much that your world is shattered if any harm comes to them. You want to feel for them, even if they are the smutty bad boy or the arrogant jock, slobberin werewolf, snobby vampire, you get my drift.

I love writing books and hearing about my characters in a review. I love creating a character so stunning that somebody develops a fictitious crush on them. I love the joy of reading a good book.

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