Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thirsty Thursday: Drunk Uncle Edition (Husband post)

So, this week some news came out that really struck my core. The US Air Force Military leaders decided it would be ok to just throw the remains of over 200 fallen heroes in the dump.

 Let that register for a bit.

 Are you as disgusted as I am? This sickens me not only as an American but as a Veteran of the US Army who served in Iraq. 

I can't imagine the horror the families of these fallen hero's must be going through. To think that our country, who's freedom depends on these outstanding men and women of our military, can allow something like this to happen further lessons my faith in our goverment. If you didn't hear about this its probably because some celebrity got pregnant or divorced or is expecting a baby. Our society has gotten to the point to where they care more about Kim Kardashian's baby bump rather than the what happens in the United States. I have nothing against celebrities and what they do, but when there news trumps something like this it just makes me shake my head. 

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