Friday, May 17, 2013

Finally friday


It's friday, so I thought for Finally Friday's blog I would share fifteen facts about myself

1.I have a sick obsession with blu rays. I love them, I have to buy them and the funniest part, most times when I do I don't even watch them. I get pleasure out of just looking at them on my shelf....I even have them in alphabetical order.

2. I have four wonderful children. My most recent baby is 4 1/2 months old. Two girls and two boys. And I must say they are incredible.

3. I love boybands. Not the new ones. I am talking the old school NKOTB and Backstreet boys. There is just something about hearing a good song from the 90's that makes my insides tingle and puts me in this mood to dance like nobody is watching.

4. My favorite food may be tuna casserole. I have yet to decide.

5. I have a horrible attention span. I get sidetracked so easily that I have to repeat what I am going to do or I will forget. Adding my fourth child to the mix intensified this even more.

6. I read my own books sometimes and get super weepy and act as if I am reading them for the first time. Sometimes I even look over at my husband and tell him how amazing the story is. (He of course laughs and shakes his head when he finds out its my book. But he never fails to agree and tell me I am the best. Love you, babe :)

7.Maybe deep down there is a little tiny part of me that wants to hear my name come out of Nicholas Spark's mouth. Be it for whatever reason. It could be because I cut in front of him at the grocery store, or how my book inspired him to quit writing. ( I kid, I kid) I love the man and respect everything he does. But seriously, I think if that would just be that moment where the earth stood still then exploded. A girl can dream.

8.Sometimes I think someone is behind me on the steps and is out to get me. Like an axe murderer. Or maybe one of those asian creepy ghost like in the grudge. I always feel like the one day that I am brave enough to be a badass and not run up the stairs will be the day she gets me. Kind of like that guy with the snacks, he tells his wife how big foot will get them and she doesn't believe him......

9. I hate hugging people goodbye. Its not my inner family (husband and kids) its just everyone else. Hugs are awkward. I'd rather not, it's not that I hate you or don't like you its just not my thing. If I insult you on the way out the door you know I love you. Hugs turn me into a bumbling stumbling weirdo. Maybe blame my mom, I'm not sure.

10. If I became a star, I just want to show up on the Today Show and Ellen. Then I'll be fine to sit at home and let the rest of the world talk about my books on their own. Me and people= Shy Ronnie. If you don't know who that is well......

11. I am impulsive and obsessive. When I get an idea I have to do it, and then two days and 55 pots of coffee later I regret trying to learn how to do a double handed backspring and settle on painting my toenails. Go big or go home, right?

12. I have recently started breastfeeding (go me!) and  I must say now I feel like I have a cure to everything in the world. I feel like I should go around and heal wounds and battle skin conditions on my days off from writing. Just not sure if the old lady down the street would appreciate me squirting her with my breast milk. *shrugs*

13. My mother is the best cook in the world. And I am not joking, she can make anything and it taste good. And I am not afraid to say it to anyone's face. I've yet to meet anyone who can blow my mom's wig off in the kitchen.

14. I have a sister, her name is Tressa. She is pretty amazing. One of the most independent woman I know. She never ever ever gives up, she is so strong and she always finds a way to do everything. The thing that gets on my nerves about her, she doesn't realize just how amazing she is most days!! She is single, but not ready or allowed to mingle (because I said so) so back off people!!

15. Last but not least. I have the best husband, hands down. He is the most amazingly supportive man. He tells it like it is. He isn't afraid to hurt anyone's feelings and he really knows how to support me and make me feel like the greatest girl in the world each and everyday. I don't know how I got so lucky, but if I could just maybe have that same luck on the it would be awesome.

That's all for now. If your new and you enjoyed my blog let me know, we all need a pat on the back some times. Don't be afraid to say hello. If you enjoy my blog and our a fan of reading check out my books, blog, fb, anything you want. I'l even leave the links for you! Thanks!!

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  1. I love you too babe. You inspire me, Keep doing what your doing and never look back. The future is bright, and I'm so lucky to be on this journey with you. Love you Forever & Always.

  2. Awesome post, Holly. I may have chuckled a few times. And Shy Ronnie...lmao I can totally relate to that!