Friday, May 24, 2013

Finally Friday: Back story of Ink

Many people ask, Why did you decide to write Ink? How did you come up with the idea? Where did the characters come from.

Well here is my chance to shine a little light on that.
First of all, I love music. I had been stuck on a certain song.  I don't know, it fit. It was totally the theme song for my book.

I wanted to create a bad boy, I scoured the web for a bad boy name and that was how Slade was born.
I had an addiction to listening to Avenged Sevenfold at the time as well, and M. Shadows made the perfect Slade to emulate for my book. He could sing, he had tattoos and that lip piercing that drives the world wild in Cherry, it just worked.
Of course with every paranormal romance you need that innocent girl, and that is how Hope was born.
She has come a long way. She might not be my favorite character most days, but she keeps me interested enough to have written three books now about her.
Every story I write there will always be a sarcastic jerk or two. Along with some nut job that just makes you scratch your head and wonder what the hell is going on?
I didn't plan on witches, or magic or anything like that to be involved it just happened, but it developed into something wonderful.
Might I add it was my first time writing steamier sex scenes, I have to admit its kind of fun, and I am still learning how to perfect them.

I am not sure how long the Ink series will last, it's like any other thing I write, when it ends it ends. But I don't think it will anytime soon.

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