Friday, September 21, 2012

Take a peek!

Forever and Never

I stood at the back door, waiting for my dad to finish up.  I gripped the dish rag, my fingers damp, my hair lazily spilled in front of my eyes making everything in front of me  hazy, out of place, like everything else in life.
Hunter kept driving his remote control car across the uneven porch. Its incessant buzz made it almost impossible to overhear what the newest town nightmare was. However, I knew it was something. Dad was only working when someone was dead.
“Hunter, stop it. I’m trying to hear.” I hissed, not taking my eyes off of Dad or the local sheriff from our small town. Hunter, my ten-year-old brother ignored me, like he always did, and ran his car right over my bare toes.
He grinned, pleased with his torture. “You don’t need to hear about dead bodies.”
I rolled my eyes. What did he know?
As his car flew back around I gave it a swift kick sending it flying out of the open door and into the bushes. I smiled, pleased.
Headlights materialized on the kitchen wall, signaling it was time for Hunter to go. We shared the same dad. His mother, Wendy, only allowed Dad to see him on Wednesdays.
I lifted his duffel bag I packed for him and handed it over, running a hand over his messy brown hair. “See you later, punk.”
“See you later,” Hunter said, slugging me in the arm before he ran out the front door.....

Hope everyone enjoyed a peek at the new book. I think I will post a little more next week. I am looking forward to sharing this series with everyone in December! Feel free to let me know your thoughts.



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