Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sneak peek Wednesday

Looking for another peek at the newest project I am working on? Well, have no fear! I have brought some more for everyone to enjoy. Leave your thoughts, share with the world, it all makes me smile. Hope everyone enjoys! And most importantly have a beautiful day!!

Peek #2

I dropped the dish rag into the kitchen sink and gave one last look at Dad; I would have to pry the information out of him when he came inside. I plopped down on the couch. My eyes settled on the television. I had no clue where Hunter had put the remote, so I watched the commercial.
My older brother, Austin pulled the lever at the side of the recliner. He scratched his head staring across the room confused.
“It’s Wednesday. Eight thirty,” I said, dropping my head against the sofa.
Austin rummaged for his cell phone on the end table, his hand knocked over the three newspapers and an old bottle of soda from one of the fast food restaurants he ate at on a regular basis.
I watched him fail at finding his phone before I retrieved it from the kitchen counter where I placed it. I handed it over.
“Thanks, you’re a lifesaver.” Austin lit a cigarette, those he could always find. He sifted through his phone searching for anything useful, anything that gave him a reason to get off the recliner and do something—which hardly ever happened. He was depressed and troubled, as Dad put it.
“I think Dad is going to be late tonight.” I stared out the window at the sherriff and Dad as they continued to talk. “I wonder what happened now.”
Austin exhaled. “The same thing that always happens. Someone got really fucking mad and now someone else is dead.”
I wasn’t sure if anger had anything to do with it. I wasn’t certain it always had to be anger. I didn’t know why people killed people, but it happened all the time. Our dad’s endless job was proof of that.
“I guess you’re making dinner,” Austin said, letting out an amused laugh. “What a life for such a young girl to lead.”
I rolled my eyes. I was young but not stupid. “I like my life thank you.”
“You’re telling me you enjoy taking care of a house, and your messed up family?” Austin pulled the lever on the recliner ending our conversation.
“About as much as you enjoy drinking and drugging yourself to death,” I said. “At least I am going somewhere with my life.”
Austin was still. His big feet dangled over the end of the recliner. I wanted to wrench one of his toes backwards and leave him writhing in pain. I hated when he tried to make me feel bad.
“Of course, we all know you’ll be back in school in no time,” Austin laughed.......


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