Friday, August 9, 2013

Kenny Carlo Interview

The interview

I can't believe I am sitting in Kenny Carlo's living room.
He has agreed to do an interview and I must say I am thoroughly excited.
Now, I just hope this isn't a set up. *looks around paranoid* boy have times changed. This place is kind of unimpressive.
Just as I am about to get a little nosy and lift a pair of Kenny's boxer briefs into my purse he walks in.

Me: Kenny, so nice to see you.

He lifts the boxer briefs from the floor and flings them at me.

KC: Consider it the only thing you'll be getting from me today.

I politely drop the briefs on the ground, I don't want to look like some freak.

Me: I promise, this interview will be painless.

KC: You bet your ass it will be painless.

I scroll through my phone looking for my interview questions. Why do I feel like running for my life right now?

Me: I hear the Wingless Series has been revamped. Do you have any thoughts on that?

KC: You can't change perfection. So I am sure my character will remain the same. It is what it is. I'm sure people will still be sending me all kinds of hate mail.

Me: Hate mail? I like to think your one of the best characters in the book.

KC: I like to think most days I give a shit what people think about me.

I quickly change the subject.

Me: How are your brothers?

KC: How the hell would I know? I've been caught up in other things.

I nod, ooh I know this one.

Me: In Cherry, right?

KC: In your fucking nightmares. Yeah of course, because I don't have anything better to do than run around with some damn witches. Let's just say I have sent my complaint to the complaints department. *shakes his head*

Me: It is getting you more exposure.

KC: You would think that wouldn't you? 

I raise an eyebrow.

Me: How's the love life?

KC: Love is for the weak.

Me: You were in it once and I think it really showed your softer side.

KC: Well aren't you just a ray of sunshine. I was also in your mom last night. You want to hear the details?

I wave a hand quickly.

Me: She wouldn't be happy to know your talking about her let's move on.

KC: Sounds like a boring lady.

I notice the picture sitting on his end table.

Me: That's a nice picture of you two.

KC: Those were the days.

Me: What are your thoughts on Wingless being revamped? Do you think readers will enjoy the change?

KC: If they know what's good for them. I myself enjoy a steamier role. The sex is hot, the language is fucking awesome, it's no longer a sweet, mushy love filled series. The book has a spine, no pun intended.

I smirk.

Me: So, Kenny. Any final words?

KC: I'll always have the final word. Elaborate for me, beautiful.

I blush.

Me: What can we expect from you in the future? 

KC: The same as always, my foul fucking mouth, these gorgeous looks and a lot more asses handed to all these idiots I have to deal with. I'll be doing a lot of traveling. But don't worry, I still don't give a shit about any of you. *stands up* Anything else?

I'm afraid to ask.

Me: I recently learned you visited California years ago. I hate to admit it but it seems like someone handed you your own ass as you like to say. How do you feel about this person?

I duck the vase coming at me and grab the boxer briefs running for the door.

KC: Why don't you relay this little message for me. Tell Andrews he can go fuck himself! And he better make it good because when I am done with him he's going to wish he did!!

He slams his door in my face. Well, damn that was kind of hot and scary all at the same time.

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