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Hot and deadly characters in books.

For my part in the hop today, I'm featuring my adult paranormal romance "Ink."

Slade Andrews in my Ink series is hot but deadly. His life is full of danger, he brings just about everyone he is involved with into harm's way. And Hope the main character in the series can't resist him. 

Content warning: "Ink" contains adult content, graphic sexual situations.

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Here is a peek inside my book Ink.

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I shoved the last of my shoes into my tiny closet. I had managed to unpack my entire room, down to the last picture frame. My walls were now covered in all my friends back home, photos of Karsen being her silly self. Photos of mom looking so beautiful like always, it made me feel at home almost. I turned the snow globe on my nightstand, the white flakes rocked gently at the bottom. It was a gift Karsen gave to me right before we had left. She knew how much I loved ballet and she found the perfect snow globe with hot pink ballet slippers. And polka dots, because I loved them.
I stepped back taking in my small but quaint bedroom, it had appeal. It would do just fine I thought to myself. Maybe this place wasn’t as bad as I imagined it would be. I pulled back my lavender curtains tying them with the turquoise ties and stared out the window, it was dark and I couldn’t see much. The moon shined against the ocean. The waves crashing against the shore made a dull hush sound, I breathed in the salty aroma. Suddenly there was a big flash of light, thinking it was lightning I fixed my attention on the passing kids. They were slowly making there way through the sand hand in hand. I didn’t know them but it was clear they were a couple. Several more followed shortly behind them, and then I finally realized it wasn’t just a couple random kids, it was a continuous stream passing by to get to the flashing lights.
I quickly pulled my hair back in a ponytail, slicking on some chap stick. I gave myself a once over before deciding that I looked decent enough to go outdoors. I stopped suddenly in the doorway realizing I should change into flip flops. I sniffed my shirt as I kicked my shoes off, I could probably use a shower as well I smelled like old dusty boxes and sweat. Shaking that idea out of my head, I spritzed a couple extra puffs of love spell on and headed out my door.
The television was on in the living room. Easton and Elliot sprawled out on the carpet a big bowl of popcorn in tow. They didn’t even notice me taking off, I searched the rest of the house for dad. “Where’s dad guys?”
Easton made the glug glug gesture with his hand tipping the imaginary glass to his mouth. That was all I needed to know. Dad had passed out for the night. Turning to the kitchen table I saw his drink of choice sitting on the table. Jack Daniels. I rolled my eyes taking off out the door. There was no one to worry about my wandering off. Dad was wasted and Easton and Elliot were young, they only cared about what was on the television. So I knew I was free. The sky lit up with another flash, and then a loud boom. It was music, the bass from music. As I walked faster across the sand I felt my insides growing more and more excited. I loved music and this would be the perfect way to get used to my new home. I gave Jesse’s home a quick glance hurrying past. I hoped he wouldn’t spot me on my venture to the music. It seemed he wasn’t too fond of Rock music from his bitter tone when I had questioned him about it earlier. I slowed down at the sight of the crowd in the entranceway. A metal sign was attached to the chain link fence. Henry Park. I hurried through, squeezing past all types of people. There were big burly men with black clothes and chains. And girls with short skirts and bikini tops. The theme was black that was very apparent, black or bathing attire. I looked down at my pink tank top realizing I stuck out like a sore thumb. I shrugged the thought off as I continued to squeeze through the crowd, the music becoming louder as I made it through trying to find and opening.
“Wow” I said to myself finally in front of the stage. A giant flash of light went off from the side of the stage, smoke flashing past my nose. Pyrotechnics one after the other going off as the heavy rock music played. EKOI hung on a black backdrop in white letters, the words tattered for a more dramatic effect. The stage lighting flashed to the beat, making everything in its path flicker all the colors of the rainbow. I stared down at my skin as it glowed along to the lights and music. I had never been to such a thing, I had my fair share of concerts but never something so powerful and alive.
“Let me hear you scream!!” The singer yelled into the crowd. In seconds the crowd was roaring, I covered my ears the sound deafening. It was another world, I couldn’t believe the small walk took me to such a place. More and more people poured into the already congested crowd, eventually I had nowhere to turn, my body pinned between a guy with overpowering muscles and tattoos galore on his arm. And another guy holding a giant beer and wearing an Evil kings of Ink t-shirt. Neither of them realized I was in between them, they only cared about the music. I started to feel claustrophobic, I needed to leave. Suddenly this wasn’t feeling like the best idea. And this was solidified once the crowd started shoving each other. A giant mosh pit resurrected out of nowhere and my body ping ponged off the muscle of the man in front of me, I tried to stop myself from being shoved  to the ground but it was no use. I let out a terrified scream begging them to stop and notice me.
“Hey, hey hey. Back up!” A male voice ordered, I kept my hands over the back of my head trying to keep from being smashed. The crowd parted but I stayed where I was afraid to move, the music still played in the background.
“Now stand up.” The voice commanded. I dropped my arms looking over my shoulder at him. He was wearing a black cutoff tshirt. A silver chain around his neck and one wooden baseball bat in his hands. I stood up, deciding it best to gain my footing before he left me to fend for myself.
“Are you ok?” he said loudly, his voice carrying over the music perfectly. I shoved my flip flop back on my foot. “Yeah, I think I’ll be ok.”
I turned to leave as another mass of people crowded my way, this place was a zoo. I sighed, trying to squeeze through. Finally realizing I was no match for such giant thugs, I gave up turning back to him for assistance. He perched the bat on his shoulder giving a nod that he understood I needed his help. With one loud yell and a couple swings of the bat he cleared me another path, extending his hand in front of him he gestured me to start walking.
“I take it you wandered over here from the beach houses,” he commented, following me out the gate.
“Yeah, I was just curious.” I concentrated on my footsteps.
“Yeah, well next time you think about stepping into rock concerts you might want to bring a bodyguard.”
I stopped, and turned around. I brought my hands to my hips a bit offended. “What is that supposed to mean?”
He dropped the end of the bat into the sand. “It means you’re small.” There was no hesitation in his voice, he wasn’t one bit concerned if he offended me.
I stared up at him. “Yeah well you’re big.”
I felt him following me as I made it passed the rocks now. I really wasn’t sure if I wanted this guy knowing where I lived. After all he was wielding a baseball bat. And I had just seen him strike several people with that bat. What if he struck me?
Turning back around I said, “I think I’m ok now, thanks.”
I moved passed a group of guys and cut passed a couple of girls, my feet crunching down on seashells and sand.
“Which house is yours?” he asked, ignoring my resistance. I swallowed hard, shoving the gate open. I had three males living with me; I hoped that was intimidating enough for him.
“This one. Now you can go, you’re really kind of creeping me out.” I shut and locked the gate quickly throwing a barrier between us. He rested his hand on the fence, the baseball bat draped over his shoulder again.
“You were just in a mosh pit being trampled by thrashing head bangers all dressed in black. But I am creeping you out.” He surveyed my house  I wasn’t sure if I should just run inside, or warn him again to leave.
“I said thank you.” I told him, crossing my arms, he laughed. But it wasn’t a pleasant your funny kind of laugh. The moonlight caught the glint of his lip ring, which he was now fondling with the tip of his tongue as he stared down at me. It was a bit awkward.
“Well, you’re welcome girl with no name.” He raised his eyebrows.
I debated even giving that information up so easily. But his eyes had lost their intensity and I felt less like I was going to be beaten to a pulp with his baseball bat. “Hope Zigler.”
He took it in, leaving me to wait for some sort of response. Finally he extended his hand. As I went to reach it Crawford started furiously barking at the door. He thrashed and growled doing his best to tear the door down.
“What the hell is that?” he asked, backing away from the fence, he gripped his baseball bat a little tighter. I shook my head at him, it would be the last thing he did if he beat my dog. Even if I was just a flea compared to this towering inferno. “That’s my dog, and I guess he doesn’t like you.” Which was odd, Crawford liked everyone.
“More like a horse.” He muttered. I gave him a dirty look. His arms were covered in tattoos from shoulder to wrist and he was calling my dog names? He was a circus freak.
“Well, I’m not into purse puppies.” I shot back.
Dad turned the kitchen light on. He knew enough not to let Crawford outside, he slowly squeezed out our door scolding Crawford to be quiet. “What’s going on Hope?” he asked groggily. He swayed as he walked down the steps.
“Nothing dad, I was just about to come in the house,” I said, taking his arm.
The mystery boy watched me carefully as I tried to steady dad back up the stairs.
“Your daughter was nearly trampled over at the concert, I helped her get home.” I sucked in my breath agitated. Who was this guy ratting me out to my drunk father? It would have been nice if he just thought I was outdoors not running around doing whatever I wanted.
Dad turned back around. He gave him a look over. “Why are you carrying a bat?”
“Safety reasons, the crowds get rowdy.” He told him, point blank period.
Dad scratched his head. “What’s your name guy that saved my daughter?”
”HD”HD“Slade.” He gave us both a reluctant gaze and finally walked away, leaving me to tackle dad back up the stairs.
“Stay away from that guy. He looks like a career criminal.” Dad hiccuped falling into the railing.

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