Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Funday Director's note's: Perfectly Hopeless

I stumbled upon a cool blog idea. Letting the reader into my ideas behind chapters or the stories I write. So enjoy this little peek into the world of Maven from Perfectly Hopeless.

Maven is a young girl, heading back to her family's summer home after her very public breakup with her boyfriend, Jake Summit. Like anyone in life she is hurt, still dealing with her old wounds and debating whether or not it's the right thing to be doing.
When I wrote the beginning of Perfectly Hopeless, I imagined Maven, I could feel the dread in her stomach as she got close to her summer home. How vulnerable she felt. 
I wanted to give the reader a quick hello when it came to her family, I like to introduce main characters early on most times that I write.

In Perfectly Hopeless I saw Maven as a sweet, young girl with that simple naive way about her. She knows life isn't perfect, but she wishes it was. She's not much different than any of us in life. Though she may come off a bit prudish and innocent she can handle a lot when she has to.

And what's in store for her ends up being so beautiful, an experience like none she ever had before when she meets Henri

I'm not sure, nor have I asked how Henri and Maven come across to readers. But as for me, I wanted the connection to be innocent, simple and sweet. I wanted to take all the complication and paranormal out of most books that I write and just write a story about love.

I was touched emotionally while watching a youtube video, and this is what sparked the idea further for my book. I feel I found that video at the right time, because it took my story idea and painted it beautifully. I won't say what video it is because I feel it gives away the story.

But I will share with you the celebs I had in my mind for the two main characters in my story. If you get a chance to read it, let me know if you feel the same about them.


              Maven                                                                                       Henri

Summer time

This would be her summer. She swore it. The summer life would go from devastating to incredible. Maven stared out of the window as her parents gossiped in the front seat about Claudia, their too confident neighbor with more money than the entire town.
She closed her eyes dropping her head back against the leather seat, her golden blonde hair cascading around her shoulders. Maven,  a young woman full of hope. She never went to bed without reflecting on all she wished would happen for her.
Portwood , the setting of their summer home. Every home carefully nestled between giant willow trees. A small town right outside the lake. Maven’s family went every year during the summer. A home full of memories for all of them, a place you sat back and smiled about when you thought about all the good times you experienced. It would always be magical.
 “I wonder if Jake is going to be there,” Nick, her older brother said. Doing his best to tease Maven from her spot in the family car, Nick knew Maven prayed for the opposite. After their messy breakup she didn’t ever want to lay eyes on him again. Jake was a jerk. And the entire family knew it.
“I don’t know and I don’t care.” After the tears she cried over a guy like Jake she meant what she said. And now the family’s annual vacation was sounding less exciting and more torturous to her. She shrank down in her seat as the Portwood welcome sign whizzed by the window.
Mom shot her a sympathetic smile.
“Everyone who is anyone is at Portwood for Summer vaca,” Maggie her younger sister said, tearing off her sunglasses to gain better view of all the younger guys as they carried beach towels and coolers on their way to the lake.
“I don’t think the Maves considers Jake Summit anyone anymore,” Nick smirked. He leaned forward, clamping down on Maven’s shoulder. “If he gives you any trouble you just let me know. I’ll rough him up for you.”
Their mother shot a concerned look in both of their directions. She knew just how Nick’s temper could get sometimes. It wasn’t funny. “Nicky, you remember what we said.”
Nick sighed, letting out the loudest grumble he could muster. “I know, I know. No more money for college if I lay a finger on Summit. That’s what family is for though, Mom.” He ran a hand through his shaggy brown mop of hair giving Maven a secret smirk.
Maven unfastened her seat belt, staring up at the family summer home. A modern two story brick home with white shutters and a huge wraparound porch, lush green grass with the perfect amount of shade and sun.

She refused to let Jake Summit ruin her summer.

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