Saturday, June 2, 2012

My news

Hello again. It has been some time since I updated. I have been busy following the zombies..(not really, but have you seen that on the news?! *shudders*)

Today I have some news I want to share. We recently found out that I am expecting, this will be our fourth child. I found out on my husband's birthday (what a gift) and I am very happy. Its a bit new still, it has been a while since I have been pregnant. My youngest is turning six this month.

I think I always knew I wanted a fourth child. I knew deep down that I did and I think that is why we held off on stopping our chances, because once you tie your tubes or get a vasectomy you pretty much are done.

So that's my news, I am having another baby and I couldn't be happier.

What do I hope for you might be asking... I would like to have another boy, but I will take whatever God gives me. I think in my mind I see a boy so the idea of a girl isn't even factoring in lol I have always enjoyed pregnancy, mine were great experiences. This one has already proven a little tougher with my moods. But now those are under control and I am feel like myself again and I couldn't be happier.

What about writing??!?!?

On the book writing front, that has came to a screeching halt since beginning of April. But I hope to get back into gear. I re-released Gypsies, and I think its better than it was before the rewrite. I hope everyone enjoys it.

I plan on finishing Ink 2 up this summer. I read some chapter the other day and I was excited about it. I can't wait to release it to all the Ink fans in August. I wonder how everyone will feel about Ink 2. I myself think its going to be great.

And to end this I will leave everyone with a sneak peek into Ink 2, enjoy! :  

Summer had begun. I came to a stop in front of the beach house. Glad to be home and done with school for the summer. A lot had changed in a year. I enrolled in Ashwilder’s big sister school, Asu. I had Nona to thank for that. If not for her I would have never afforded such a place. College proved hard, but I loved every second of it. Although I had to admit I loved being home even better.
Dad hurried down the porch steps. “There’s my girl. Welcome home, Hope.” He wrapped his arms around me tightly, not letting me get a breath in. I kissed his cheek before I had to pry his arms off of me.
“Missed you guys too, where are Elliot and Easton?” I searched the beach, the house, anywhere they could possibly be. I knew the answer before Dad even said it.
“Well you know how teenage boys are when they discover girls,” Dad told me. He took my duffel bag. “I barely see anyone anymore. It’s nice that your back.”
I followed on his heels up the steps. Noticing the new paintjob, Dad had a lot of time on his hands now. I wasn’t there to keep him busy and help him out anymore. It took a couple months to accept that I couldn’t be superman. That he had to learn to survive without me, but I did, and looking at him now I knew that everything worked out just fine.
Dad touched my hair. “New hairdo?” He smirked.
I ran a hand through my longer style. “It’s trendy. All the girls on campus do chic.”
Dad nodded, totally out of the loop and not caring in the least, as long as I was happy he was. “So what are the plans?”
I opened the refrigerator, scrunching my nose at the lack of food. “Getting you some groceries.” Dad shook his head, refusing to give in and admit he would be lost without me. When he disappeared into the living room I raised a single finger at my palm, concentrating hard.
“What’s that?” Dad asked, returning with a pile of mail. He handed it over.
“Pudding cup,” I said, shaking the chocolate pudding at him. He gave me an odd expression.
“That’s odd. I didn’t even know we had pudding.” He opened the refrigerator taking another look inside. I smirked.


  1. Congrats on the news! :D Hope everything works out well!
    And yay I'm so excited for Ink 2! :D